Filter Straw with Filter Bag

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Our 2-stage survival filter straw with a squeeze bag is perfect for those who wish to camp and access clean water wherever they are.  Simply use straw directly or screw to bag and squeeze clean drinking water directly into cooking or drinking containers. Also ideal for those who prefer not suck water directly from the filter.

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2 reviews for Filter Straw with Filter Bag

  1. Roger

    Tap water does tastes slightly better. Packed it away in my bag ready for the Summer. How do you know when it’s time to replace?

  2. Kat

    Only used it once but worked well. Literally filled the bag up and connected it to the filter and squeezed water into our camping kettle. No adverse effects although the lake we used was very clean and boiling water would do the trick. The extra filtering is preferable. Just to be sure 🙂

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