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Packing your Drybag for your Next Adventure

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    Packing is fundamental to any journey prep work yet it can be a difficult job if it’s not something you do usually.  How you pack depends very much on what you’re packing for. Fortunately, there are specific strategies that will make the process of packing and accessing your kit easier. Using a system of mini drybags or pouches is a fantastic way to shield your kit from moisture and additionally a great choice for separating and also categorizing certain things in a manner that makes sense to you.

    Picking the Right Drybag

    The most noticeable use of drybags is protection against moisture and ultimately to keep everything bone dry hence the name. However, not all Drybags are the same and in some situations, you may need additional features such as thermal capabilities. If you’re just wanting as simple rainproof/waterproof protection then almost any drybag will do the job.

    If however, you pursue more extreme adventures such as abseiling down waterfalls or white water rafting then you will need to procure a more robust version, so search for heavy-duty drybags.  It should be an overboard 100% water-resistant bag that is unlikely to tear.  They are usually considerably thicker and slightly heavier than the average drybag but will last many years.  

    By positioning all your kit inside a fully water-proof bag you can be confident it will remain completely dry.  For everyday walking, going to the beach or pool a standard Drybag will generally suffice unless you’d like it to double up as a cooler bag?  One less bag to carry.


    Packing by Category

    Packing by category will certainly make locating certain items and also correctly weighting your pack a much simpler job. Avoid hastily throwing everything into the drybag and then spending ages trying to locate a specific item without emptying out the entire contents.

    As an example, bundling together similar types, such as clothes, toiletries, and also food will certainly help keep your kit neat and promptly obtainable. Colour-coded bags or bags with a clear home window so you can see their components can save you a great deal of time as well as stress when you’re searching for a certain cable or perhaps your toothbrush in bad weather at the end of a lengthy day.

    We recommend taking an additional drybag, be it internal or external one specifically to store damp or dirty clothes to prevent the inside of your drybag from becoming damp. Plus there is nothing worse than damp and dirty clothes in the same compartment as your food and drink.

    By grouping specific items loaded into drybags, you can keep different systems with each other making loading easier.
    As an example, by organizing your sleeping bag, floor covering and night base layers together and packaging at the end of your rucksack you’ll be able to ensure they stay completely dry as well as together ready for when you need them. It’ll additionally enable you to create a foundation of bulk and also weight at the bottom of your pack to put the remainder of your set around and ensure the pack stays comfy and also secure.
    Similarly, by grouping awkwardly shaped items with each other, like your stove as well as cooking equipment, can keep them at the front of your backpack as well as away from digging right into your back.

    Maximize space when packing

    Fitting every little thing you require for an extended period outside can be like a real-world Tetris but with odds not in your favor.  In this instance, a compression sack could be the trick. Softer products such as your sleeping bag or garments can probably be squashed down in a compression sack by pressing the air out of the bags. The more air you get rid of from a dry bag, the much less area the product takes up.  A useful product we use ourselves is Zonama Vacuum storage bags with an electric air pump.  (Not an affiliate link)
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