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Avoid camping disasters

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    If you intend on going on a camping adventure, dreaming of stunning landscapes, trekking via the woods and resting under the night sky. Don’t forget about the unforeseen turning your dream holiday right into an outdoor camping disaster. Keep the great times rolling throughout by following these handy pointers.

    Prepare for Bad Weather

    Not knowing if your camping tent can hold up against a passing shower might concern you enough to keep you awake at night and tarnish the getaway experience. Putting your tent up and testing all your gear before the journey is advisable. Setting up your outdoor tents and any other outdoors gear in the backyard followed by a good spray of the garden hose for 10 minutes to test. Check for any easy to fix holes/tears and take comfort in knowing your outdoor tents and equipment are leak-proof before setting off.

    Don’t Skimp. Buy Excellent Gear

    Nobody wants to be in the dark with a dead flashlight. While you should examine all your equipment before the trip, you additionally want to ensure you have spares on hand. When going into the unknown where things can go wrong, you always want redundancy.  If something falls short, you wish to have an additional to count on. Also, don’t skimp buying only economical gear. You don’t have to necessarily go high end premium but spend a bit more and buy the very best gear you can afford.

    Deter Wild animals

    Detecting an eagle during your camping journey would certainly be a sight to behold, yet being attacked by an army of insects would certainly ruin anyone’s day. While there is no magic option for handling all wildlife experiences, including run-ins with larger animals you can prepare yourself in advance.

    Timing is so essential when it concerns wildlife. Knowing when particular insects appear or when various animals head to a water hole/river location to drink can help hedge against possible threats.  If you can, traveling with a guide who knows the terrain as well as the animals that call it residence is preferable the first time. Otherwise, park rangers as well as camping site personnel are vital resources of knowledge and can inform you all about the wildlife as well as insects you are more than likely to encounter.

    Stay Civilized

    Tempers can flare when individuals are weary and hungry at the end of the day which is why we  recommend laying out the guideline well prior to the journey gets underway. Establish clear duties for every person and talk through any differences to avoid upset. Sometimes campers may not get to do everything they planned if conditions don’t allow.  Group safety must always be prioritized.

    Treat Belly Aches

    When it comes to pains, discomforts and other ailments, be prepared. Pack a selection of pain relievers for every trip, as well as elastic adhesive, cohesive, crepe and tubular bandages.  Along with a first-aid kit, you need to also look into the facilities that are available at your outdoor camping place if any? What water sources are available and are they drinkable? It is not always practical to take gallons of drinking water with you unless you have a camper. Instead take a filtration kit or bottle with you just in case. You can safely drink from streams and rivers without worrying about an upset stomach. Check out Blade&Stone’s water filter kits.

    Crucially for wild camping knowing your exact location/grid reference is paramount. Check out Best Navigational Apps for Outdoor UK Adventures.  Take at least one backup phone if you go alone with extra battery pack/charger.  

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